About this site

Why… you ask?

cartoonmeAfter thirteen years in Tokyo, I’ve returned to the US for a bit of a hiatus from my ex-pat life. For an as yet undetermined period of time, I’ve decided to re-Americanize myself before I go totally bamboo. When I left the US, I did so hoping that a year abroad would give me a new perspective on all the assumptions I had assumed were just how things were supposed to be. A year, quickly (all too quickly) became a decade plus. My daily life in Tokyo became just that… daily life. Now, I’m looking to see what, if any, all that time abroad has done to my world view and understanding of life, culture, my upbringing, and views on what “normal” is.

Keep in mind, anything I state here is simply the opinion of one American boy who spent the majority of his adult life in Japan. I will attempt to say in unadulterated honesty what I think about the differences and often surprising similarities. I’ll attempt to define, as best as I am able, “reverse-culture shock” and what it is to be American from the standpoint of a returnee re-acclimating to “regular life.”

I am only an authority on my personal experience, and my personal views. Please feel free to comment, question or add your thoughts in the comment section. I’m open to suggestions. Also, you may wish to follow my twitter feed for 140 character insights. I hope in time to add some video as well, and will add as much as I can photographically to boot.